Beat The Bugs: Top Fly Rugs & Sheets For Summer

Beat The Bugs: Top Fly Rugs & Sheets For Summer

Beat the bugs this Summer with our top rated Fly Rugs & Sheets
Flies can be an absolute pain in Summer and can make your horses life a real misery. From nasty fly bites in the field to irritation caused when riding, if your horse gets particularly bothered by flies it’s essential that you protect them during the Summer months.
With so many fly rugs and sheets to choose from, it can be an impossible task to pick the best rug for your horse…we’ve put together our top fly rugs and sheets based on research and feedback from our Supported Riders to help shine some light on the subject!
Amigo Aussie All Rounder Fly Sheet
The Amigo Aussie All Rounder protects your equine friend from flies and UV rays. This popular rug is super durable and features a water resistant, lightweight outer with a handy detachable hood.
Supported Rider, Hannah Atkinson, highly rates the Amigo Aussie All Rounder Fly Sheet.
“We like them for our Welsh Cs and Ds who have such big fronts and wide shoulders. They have plenty of room, I also like the fact the hoods on them are not too close contact and dont rub the mane. I use them when I bath for shows too as they are not too warm for them on a hot day but cover the whole neck and body to keep them clean. They are really hard wearing too…our lot specialise in destroying fly rugs but these are really well made!”
Amigo 3-in-1 Evolution Fly Sheet with Disc Front

Groovy rugs have taken the Equestrian world by storm this year, and this little number is one of our personal favourites!

The Amigo 3-in-1 Evolution Fly sheet is as functional as it is fabulous. This eye catching rug is perfect for the changeable British weather (which we have had plenty of recently!) as it acts as a lightweight turnout and fly sheet in one. Featuring a seamless design with an integrated neck cover and waterproof top section while the deep net sides will keep your horse cool and comfortable on hot days.

Our Supported Rider and International Event Rider Storm Straker loves this fly sheet! What’s more, one of the Dutch Eventing team was quite taken with it so we are told (see below photo, he’s the one with the huge grin!)
Weatherbeeta Comfitec Shield Combo Fly Rug

Brand Ambassador and Dressage Rider, Roxy Shipley, is a huge fan of the Weatherbeeta Comfitec Shield Combo Fly Rug and strongly recommends it!

“My horse Bravo gets absolutely eaten alive and I have tried various different fly rugs! Without hesitation the best fly sheet by far is the Weatherbeeta Comfitec Shield Combo Fly Rug. This rug stops Bravo from overheating in the hot weather and best of all no bites!”