The Ultimate Pony Club Camp Checklist

Be the most organised parent this Summer with our detailed list of Pony Club Camp must haves

As the summer holidays are fast approaching, it’ s time to prepare for your little ones to go off with their ponies to Pony Club Camp for a summer of fun filled activities!

Letting your children go off on their holidays without you can be a daunting experience for most parents, so to make sure that your kids are well prepared, we have put together our very own Pony Club Camp checklist.

At Millbry Hill Country Store you will find so many essentials that will help fill your child’s suitcase, ready for their exciting holiday experience.

For the Horse/Pony:

Head Collar and Two Lead ropes.

Tack – Bridle (ensure the Reins and Bit are suitable), Saddle, Martingale or Breastplate (if required), Girth (a spare may also be required), Saddlepad or numnah (make sure there is a spare as the pony may sweat heavily).

Boots – Tendon + Fetlock, Brushing Boots or Overreach Boots (If your horse or pony requires them.)

Grooming kit – Brushes, Hoof pick, Sweat scraper, Two sponges (one for bathing and the other for cleaning bottoms), Shampoos, Hoof oil and brush.

Stud and stud kit.

Tack cleaning kit – Soap or a spray cleaner, one sponge and a cloth.

Plaiting kit – Bands, Comb and plaiting spray.

First aid kit.

Rugs – Cooler rug, Lightweight turnout and Lightweight stable rug.

Sprays – Fly spray, Mane and tail, Coat shine.

Bandages or leg wraps, Travel boots.

For the Children:

Riding Hat – Please ensure you child’s hat meets the current standard. It will be approved and tagged by their instructor. A skull will be needed for cross country.

Body Protector – BETA 2009 or 2018 Standard and must be approved.

White or beige jodhpurs or breeches – We would advise sending a several pairs as children can be mucky pups.

White long sleeved shirts – Pack plenty of these and they will easily get dirty and they must be worn every day.

Riding Jacket – Hacking or Showing jacket.

Pony Club tie and badge, Hair net, Scrunchie and Riding gloves.

Whips – Short whip for activities and a schooling whip for dressage.

Footwear – Riding boots or Jodhpur boots (gaiters and half chaps), Jodhpurs, Wellingtons or Yard boots.

Over clothes – To help your little one stay clean whilst around the yard, We recommend over trousers or tracksuit bottoms to help fight off the filth.

A change of clothes for each day your kid is there. Jeans or leggings and t-shirts are great.

Sweatshirts, Jumpers or Hoodies.

Waterproof jacket.

Nightwear, underwear and swimwear.


Stable Equipment:

3 Buckets – One for water, one for feed and one for tack cleaning duties or bathing.

Mucking out tools – Muck or shavings fork, Shovel, Broom and Wheelbarrow.

Horse feed – Check with your local Pony Club as they may not require you take any.

Bedding – Check with your local Pony Club as they make require you take straw or shavings.

Haynets – Check with your local Pony Club as some will not use haynets as they take too long to fill.

We always advise that you check with the Pony Club Camp encase your child needs to take bedding and an air mattress etc. Some camps will also not allow your child to take electronics with them such as mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras. This is also important to check before your child’s arrival.

Now that you’re all prepared, we hope your little one has a fantastic summer and makes many fabulous memories with their trusty equine friend!