6 of the Best – Equine Fly Masks

OK, so fly masks may not be the most flattering of products for your horse – the first time I turned my pony out in his, his field mates ran to the far end of the field to hide from the strange monster – but they really are invaluable for horses which are bothered by the flies.

Fly masks are available in a variety of shapes and styles, offering varying levels of protection. So to help you decide which would be best for your horse, we’ll take a look at six of our most popular fly masks for horses:

1, Amigo Fly Mask

The Amigo Fly Mask from Horseware is one of our bestselling fly masks for horses and offers fantastic value for money. A summer staple in fly protection, this masks continued popularity proves its worth. The mask is made from a fairly stiff mesh which holds its shape to keep the mask off the horse’s eyes and the edges are trimmed with a soft fleece to avoid rubbing. The mesh not only keeps away the flies, but also offers good UV protection, making this mask useful for those horses who can be sensitive to the sun. The mask also features ear protection, made from a much softer and lighter mesh material than main mask for comfort and to ensure movement of the ears is not restricted. The mask fastens with an extra wide Velcro closure under the chin which is very secure, keeping the fly mask in place, even if the horse rubs and offer a good level of adjustment, meaning this mask fits most head shapes.

Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask With Ears & Nose 2, Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears & Nose

As the name suggests, the Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask With Ears & Nose offers complete face protection for the horse. The fine mesh eye panel offers excellent visibility whist keeping out those pesky flies and midges and sits comfortably away from the eyes, whist the rest of the mask, made from a softer more flexible material, sits securely on the head. The fly mask also features nose protection which is ideal for horses that are prone to sunburn, as the fine mesh offers a good level of UV protection. The mask fastens with two Velcro straps under the chin, which allow for a good fit.


3, Roma Lycra Eye Saver

The Roma Lycra Eye Saver is a unique fly mask for horses and ponies. Made from a stretchy lycra fabric this fly mask offers a snug and comfy fit, eliminating any risk of flies getting into the mask and without having any fastenings to come loose. The fine mesh eye section offers good visibility and the ear holes help keep the mask in place.

Equilibrium Field Relief Midi Fly Mask

4, Equilibrium Midi Field Relief

A premium quality fly mask, the Equilibrium Midi Field Relief is a durable and well-fitting fly mask. This version does not have ears, however Equilibrium do offer the Max Field Relief fly mask for those who require that extra protection. The Equilibrium Midi Field Relief features padding around the nose and brow for a perfect fit, both to prevent rubbing and prevent flies being able to get inside the mask. The mesh is soft for comfort, yet is firm enough to hold its shape, ensuring the mask stays away from the horse’s eyes.

5, Rambo Horseware Flymask Plus with Vamoose

http://www.millbryhill.co.uk/equestrian-530/horse-health-grooming-585/fly-uv-protection-804/horseware-flymask-vamoose-94397.htmThe Rambo Horseware Flymask Plus Fly Mask with Vamoose is a top of the range fly mask for horses, packed with features to banish those bugs. The mask is made from a durable textiline outer to stand up to long days in the field, whilst also offering optimum visibility and UV protection. The mask features a structured band to hold the mesh away from the horse’s eyes and has a soft fleece edging for comfort. The mask also features ear protection made from a soft polyester material for comfort and has a detachable protective nose-piece. Most impressive however, is the Vamoose insect control technology. Vamoose is a synthetically engineered form of Permethrin, a powerful, natural fly repellent typically used against mosquitos. Vamoose is bound to the fabric and is effective for up to 20 washes, keeping flies at bay for longer for ultimate fly protection.

Roma Equine Face Fly Mask6, Roma Equine Face Fly Mask

The Roma Equine Face Fly Masks are functional fly masks in fun designs. These basic fly masks help keep flies away from the horses eyes and ears, and whist the designs might not make the masks any more effective at getting rid of the bugs than a plain mesh mask – they certainly look cute! The designs are printed to the mesh so as not to cause any additional loss of visibility for the horse and fasten securely under the chin with double Velcro straps.