Supported Riders, Hannah and Tilly Marley review the Horslyx Pro Digest Licks

Over lockdown, we were very kindly sent four of the Horslyx Pro Digest Balancers along with two of their 15KG Holders.
A range of horses on our yard trialled this product, from fussy thoroughbreds and young ponies, to our competitions horses.
Below are before and after photos of Melvin and one of Home enjoying the lick!
We found this lick particularly beneficial for Melvin, who was a 5 year old connemara we bought from Ireland. When he arrived, he lacked condition, and struggled to digest his feed, which resulted in loose droppings. Despite living in the field, this product worked wonders, it provided the vitamins and minerals he needed, when not on hard feed, and helped him to maintain a healthy gut with no loose droppings. The lick also provided him with entertainment while in the field.
We thought we could test it on a variation of horses to see how beneficial it really was. It really surprised us to see the thoroughbreds take such a liking to this product.
A couple of them are fussy eaters, and in some of these cases, it solved our problems with finding what to feed them within days.
Our competition ponies, although they are in great condition and had no underlying problems, loved these licks and were extremely disappointed once they were gone!