Our Supported Rider Tanya Buckingham reviews the Firefoot Burnby Stretch Breeches ...

I was lucky enough to be asked by Millbry Hill to test out a pair of the Firefoot Burnby Stretch Breeches. The breeches arrived in the grey and orange colour ( I have to say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the colour, but that is personal preference) so, my initial thought was that I wasn’t really going to like them!
However, once I actually put them on and rode in them I found them to be comfortable and not at all slippy, Even when I jumped in the rain, the knee grips were great. They have a really wide elastic waist band which stops any slipping down of the trousers and have a zip pocket in the back of the waist band for a phone or money etc.
They fit true to size, despite the stretchy material. Due to the thick waist elastic not having much give, I would certainly recommend a true size fit. The bonus of the waist band is that they don’t move down when you are riding or doing yard work.
For the price of them (£36.99) I think they are a good value product.