NEW Dengie Meadow Lite with Herbs

We are delighted to introduce Dengie's NEW product Meadow Lite with Herbs, the ultra low-calorie fibre feed suitable for good doers and those prone to laminitis!

Dengie Meadow Lite with Herbs

Developed by Dengie's team of nutritionists, Meadow Lite with Herbs has been formulated to supply plenty of fibre for good doers, without compromising on taste!

Dengie Meadow Lite with Herbs Review

"Although Spud is naturally a good doer, he is very fussy with his bucket feed and I've struggled to find a low-calorie feed that he enjoys." explains Spud's owner Emily. "Meadow Lite with Herbs is so soft and tasty; Spud licks his bowl clean!"

  • Dengie's lowest calorie feed provides just 5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy
  • Soft, tasty meadow grasses blended with high-quality oat straw to offer a low-calorie feed which does not compromise on chew time
  • Contains pea hull fibre, a great source of highly digestible fibre. A range of fibre types is beneficial for digestive health and helps to support a healthy microbiota
  • Enhanced with the tasty herbs cinnamon and thyme to tempt fussy horses and ponies
  • The inclusion of postbiotics supports the gut microbiota for general health and wellbeing
  • A very light dressing of linseed and rapeseed oil is added to promote coat shine
  • Naturally low in sugar 3% and starch 0.5%
  • Free from molasses, alfalfa, cereals, preservatives and binders
  • Non-GM ingredients
Dengie Meadow Lite with Herbs review Roo
"Roo is naturally a good doer, but can be "spicy" at times." says Roo's owner Adele. "Dengie Meadow Lite with Herbs is low in calories, provides slow-release energy and Roo finds it super tasty!"
Dengie Meadow Lite with Herbs joins Dengie's Grass range; ideal to feed when the supply and quality of natural grazing declines due to poor weather conditions.
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