Horseware’s Guide to Choosing the Best Stable Rug for Your Horse

There are many types of Stable rugs available under the Horseware name, and several versions of each type.

The Stable Rug

Many stabled horses will appreciate a stable rug as quite often horses will get colder standing in their stable than they do when out and moving around their field. We know how cold we can be sitting in one place in comparison to going out for a walk! Some horse owners might appreciate a stable rug for the purpose of reducing those ever-present stable stains!

For a horse that is stabled for most of the day, perhaps he is a competition horse or there is little turnout available for him, you may want to avail of the Rambo Stable Rug. Our best and most duvet-like, you will want to curl up in it yourself. It is ideal for a horse that is fully clipped and spending more time inside the stable, than out.

The Rhino Stable Rug benefits from the same tough water resistant outer as the turnout, it is just without the waterproof barrier layer in the middle. This makes it a very durable stable rug for all horses.
Both the Rambo and Rhino stable rugs have our patented ‘V’ front closures and leg arches to provide excellent fit as well as the Horseware Liner System to help lessen the time spent putting on and taking off the various layers we use at different times of the year.

For those who love the feel of cotton, we also have the Underblanket and Underblanket Plus (with hood). These rugs are made from microfiber pongee which looks, feels and acts just like pure cotton. The rugs have a straight front closure and no surcingles so are only to be used under a stable rug with surcingles.

The Amigo Horse Stable Rug is called the Insulator and has both polyester outer and inner and can be used as an under-rug as well for those that need the extra layers if clipped or of finer breed. This winter we are introducing the Amigo Insulator 550g, a super heavy stable rug for those who don’t want to have lots of layers or only need that bit of extra warmth rather than two rugs.

Most of our stable rugs have the option of a hood to keep our equine friends well wrapped up in the cooler times.

*A good tip for checking how warm or cold your horse is at any one time is to slide a hand under the rug to feel the temperature along their back. If they are only mildly warm, you may want to consider another layer or a liner depending on what rug you are using. If they are toasty warm, almost damp, you may want to consider changing the weight of the rug or perhaps it is time to clip or has your horse been exercising his right to gallop around his field a little too much! If they are nice and warm to the touch but dry, your horse will be very grateful. *Remember that good rugging can lead to reduced feed bills in winter as your horse is not burning energy keeping warm.

The Stable Sheet

This is a lightweight, breathable sheet to keep your horse clean during the warmer months of the year. It can also double as a travel sheet. At Horseware, we have a choice of stable sheets.

The Rambo Stable Sheet has 1000 denier polyester outer with a cotton lining in a classic original cut. It is our toughest and most durable stable sheet and a favourite among many. We also have the Rambo Newmarket Stable Sheet, tough printed polyester that has a water and dirt repellent coating on the outer available in the 4 Newmarket Colours Gold, Navy, Chocolate and Charcoal.

The Rambo Helix Stable Sheet is a very special stable sheet. It is actually an extremely effective cooler as well. It uses an advanced fabric construction to wick moisture away from the horse and disperse across a wide surface area on the sheet, allowing it to evaporate much quicker than on any other rug. It even won the Innovation Award at BETA International in 2009. It is a travel sheet, stable sheet and a cooler all in one, ideal for warmer weather, and we highly recommend it over the more common fleece cooler, just try it!!

Next we have the Amigo Stable Sheet. It’s produced from our microfibre pongee which you won’t be able to tell from cotton. It has a silky shoulder lining to reduce the occurrence of rubbing and is machine washable. Available in our funky fashion colours, you can match your turnout, your travel boots, your headcollar and your numnah!

Our last stable sheet is the Amigo Mio Stable Sheet. This is produced from hardwearing polyester and is our basic stable sheet.

Please use the Horseware Rug Size Chart below as a guide to buying the correct size of rug for your horse. If in doubt, try the rug on over a clean sheet before using. As a guide, if you have a size you are happy with on your horse in a turnout rug, you may take a size down for a stable rug as they don’t need as much room and freedom.

Measurement along bottom
of Rug Back Seam Measurement To Fit Horse
114 45 3’9 75 10.2 107
122 48 4’0 80 11.0 114
130 51 4’3 85 11.2 117
137 54 4’6 90 11.2 – 12.0 117 – 122
145 57 4’9 95 12.0 – 12.2 122 – 127
152 60 5’0 100 12.2 – 13.2 127 – 137
160 63 5’3 110 13.2 – 14.0 137 – 142
168 66 5’6 115 14.0 – 14.2 142 – 147
175 69 5’9 125 14.2 – 15.2 147 – 157
183 72 6’0 130 15.2 – 16.0 157 – 162
191 75 6’3 140 16.0 – 16.2 162 – 167
198 78 6’6 145 16.2 – 17.0 167 – 173
206 81 6’9 155 17.0 – 17.2 173 – 178
213 84 7’0 160 17.2 – 18.0 178 – 183
221 87 7’3 165 18.0 183
229 90 7’6 170 18.1-18.2 184-189