Product Review: Belvoir Tack Cleaner & Conditioner

Our Supported Rider Cara Shardlow has given us her feedback on these fantastic Carr & Day & Martin tack cleaning products…

“My tack all clean and ready to go to Myerscough Premier League.
Really pleased with the results I got. First I used Belvoir Tack Cleaner; this is for removing grease, sweat and dirt from leather or synthetic tack. Normally I just use warm water to do this, but this was so much easier, it lifted the grease and dirt on my girth and reins very easily.
Next step was to use the Belvoir Tack Conditioner. This is a glycerine based conditioning spray, it also softens and protects the leather. It is in a spray bottle, the pump is like the one on the coat conditioner and keeps spraying even when you let go so I did cover myself a few times, but once I got used to it there was no problem.
The results were brilliant, the tack felt supple and was left with a lovely shine which I think is important in the bling world of dressage!”