Yorkshire Rose Candles Yorkshire Delights Boxed Wax Melts

Yorkshire Rose Candles Yorkshire Delights Boxed Wax Melts

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Yorkshire Delights is one of our bestsellers. It is a lovely blend of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood. The sandalwood balances out the floral, which creates a delicate fresh woody fragrance, that is not too overpowering, but just delicately fragrances your home.

  • Lavender, jasmine and sandalwood
  • For use with wax burners
  • Easy to use, and are very clean
  • Gives 6 - 8 hours of fragrance

Simply place your melt in to your burner/warmer, with an unscented tea light underneath.

DO NOT ADD WATER & DO NOT OVERFILL YOUR BURNER, you do not need to use all 4 cubes at once. A wax melt will NOT evaporate, it is the fragrance that burns off, so once you can no longer smell the fragrance it is time for a change. A wax melt can be used several times before needing to be changed, this will vary from scent to scent and can be anything from 6 to 12 hours. When you can no longer smell it, simply remove & add a new melt

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