NAF Shake Relief Supplement for Horses and Ponies

NAF Shake Relief Supplement for Horses and Ponies

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Shake Relief is an advanced, veterinary developed nutritional formula designed especially for your horse if he becomes distressed by discomfort felt in his head.

  • Scientifically verified antioxidants
  • Contains MSM
  • Relaxes your horse
  • Supports the discomfort felt by the horse in the head

Valuable nutritional support for those showing signs of seasonal anxiety.

This unique complex blend has been developed to offer support to the distressing condition of headshaking, particularly the discomfort felt by the horse in his head and the subsequent anxiety. The formula contains scientifically verified antioxidants, MSM, and bee pollen together with Echinacea for immune support, and withania, hops and magnesium for their calming affects. Shake Relief has been designed to help make the panic stricken, unrideable and dangerous horse more relaxed, happier and more rideable again.

Feeding Instructions:

Horses & Ponies
Peak times 100g per day
First 7-10days 50g per day
Maintenance 25-50g per day


Replace lid after use. Store in a cool, dry place.


Products of tubers & roots, Calcined magnesite, Aromatic & appetising herbs, Organic sulphur, glutamine peptide, l-glutamine.

Shake Relief may be fed in one feed, or split over the day. If splitting between feeds it is recommended to load the Shake Relief into the feed before riding or when signs are most noticeable.

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