Horseware’s Guide to Choosing the Best Turnout Rug for Your Horse

There are many types of turnout rugs available under the Horseware name, and several versions of each type.

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The Turnout Rug

At Horseware, we are first and foremost, horse owners, so we are well aware of the many things that you will think of when choosing your turnout rug. The time of year, the temperature and weather conditions, the type of horse, clipped, going to be clipped and so on.

For this reason, we have many to choose from so we are confident you can find one to suit yours and your horse’s needs.
The Rambo Turnout Rug is our ‘the best your horse can get’ rug, and comes in several different styles which have the following features as standard: Waterproof and Breathable with our Rambo 3 year Guarantee on these abilities of the material: 1000 Denier Ballistic Nylon Outer Shell: Surefit Neck Design: Patented ‘V’ Front Closure System: Patented Leg Arches & 3rd Surcingle: Large Tail Flap: Quick Release Surcingles: PVC coated Tail Cord: Stainless Steel Hardware: Anti-bacterial Lining: Horseware Liner System* : Reflective Strips.
*except Rambo Plus, Rambo Wug and Rambo ‘The Original’

Wow, that’s a lot of features on a horse rug! These features ensure your horse has the best and most versatile rug. Our weather changes so easily that you can sometimes end up with numerous weights of turnout rug. Now with the Horseware Liner System, you can choose one rug that you like the style of, be it the colour or the particular design, and adjust the weight for many situations.

We currently have the Supreme, the Original, The ‘Original’, the Duo, the Optimo, the Wug and the Plus!

The Supreme is our super heavyweight at 420g fill but is also available in medium and light. The Original is a modernised version of The ‘Original’ with hood and liner loops, V-front closures and leg arches. The Duo has 100g thermobonded fill and a detachable 300g liner and hood included. The Optimo is our latest design with all the standard features plus the new innovative Articulated Pivotal Dart System with Split Technology allowing total freedom movement while keeping the rug secure. The Optimo comes as a lightweight with hood and 400g liner. The Wug has our high cut neck design for a snug fit and eliminates wither pressure. The Plus comes as a heavy or medium weight and is made from one complete piece, no seam between the body of the rug and the hood providing your horse with excellent warmth and protection from head to tail.

The Rhino Turnout Rug benefits from barrier technology. The outer layer is a tough water resistant Polypropylene with a second inner layer that is the waterproof, breathable barrier and last of all the insulation. If in the unfortunate event something damaged the outside layer of the rug, your horse remains warm and dry as your waterproof layer is on the inside.

To make the rug more versatile, we have added the Horseware Liner System to both the Plus style and the Original style. The Rhino is also available in the Wug style, or half neck.

The Amigo Turnout Rug is ‘another friend in the Horseware Stable’! Our Amigo range has 4 versions, the XL, made for the large horse in sizes 6’0 to 7’6 with more depth and width across the shoulders, the Bravo, the toughest Amigo, the Hero, our fun and funky fashion rug, and the Mio, our entry level rug.

With 4 versions in just the Amigo, there is something for everyone, the Mio is ideal for the horse that does not need as much rug-managing and therefore does not have all the bells and whistles that some of our other rugs do but it is still a waterproof and breathable sheet or with 200g fill, a medium weight turnout. The Hero allows you to choose your fashion colour for the season and you can get all your matching accessories too. The Bravo brings you up a notch in durability, quality and strength. The XL caters for those with the larger horse that struggles to find a rug to fit comfortably without rubbing, tightness or slipping.

For those with ponies, we have pony rugs in both the Rhino range and the Amigo. Our Rhino Proper Pony range is renowned for its fit and design specific to ponies. Amigo Hero Pony allows you to indulge in the fun and cute side with colours and matching accessories. Rambo rugs do start at size 5’0 so can cater for some ponies as well.

Please use the Horseware Rug Size Chart below as a guide to buying the correct size of rug for your horse. If in doubt, try the rug on over a clean sheet before using. As a guide, if you have a size you are happy with on your horse in a turnout rug, you may take a size down for a stable rug as they don’t need as much room and freedom.

Measurement along bottom
of Rug Back Seam Measurement To Fit Horse
114 45 3’9 75 10.2 107
122 48 4’0 80 11.0 114
130 51 4’3 85 11.2 117
137 54 4’6 90 11.2 – 12.0 117 – 122
145 57 4’9 95 12.0 – 12.2 122 – 127
152 60 5’0 100 12.2 – 13.2 127 – 137
160 63 5’3 110 13.2 – 14.0 137 – 142
168 66 5’6 115 14.0 – 14.2 142 – 147
175 69 5’9 125 14.2 – 15.2 147 – 157
183 72 6’0 130 15.2 – 16.0 157 – 162
191 75 6’3 140 16.0 – 16.2 162 – 167
198 78 6’6 145 16.2 – 17.0 167 – 173
206 81 6’9 155 17.0 – 17.2 173 – 178
213 84 7’0 160 17.2 – 18.0 178 – 183
221 87 7’3 165 18.0 183
229 90 7’6 170 18.1-18.2 184-189