Horseware’s Guide to Choosing the Best Fly Rug for Your Horse

There are many types of Fly rugs available under the Horseware name, and several versions of each type.

The Fly Rug

Nowadays, we are much more sensitive to our horse’s needs when turned out in any climate and conditions. With the coming of spring and summer, also come the fly and the midge! Not all horses are able to be turned out with friends who can stand head to tail to help each other swish away the pesky flies so we look for a product that doesn’t need to be applied every day or that might offer some protection from the changing elements perhaps. Your horse may be very sensitive to fly and midge bites, or perhaps their coat gets bleached by the sun and you don’t like to watch them shaking their head all day, or perhaps he suffers the very difficult to manage condition of sweet itch.
The Horseware Fly Rug range has tried to think of every possible situation so that we have a solution for as many individuals as possible.

The Rambo Sweetitch Hoody provides incredible protection head to tail with its tightly woven 1000 denier polyester outer, silky mane, tail and shoulder lining and extra deep sides and leg arches to allow the rug to wrap around for added protection. It is extremely strong, durable yet fully breathable. The fully integrated neck cover with ear holes worn under the fly mask that comes with it and the super size tail flap gives the most protection available from biting insects. Put it on your sweetitch affected pony from as early as possible in the season to prevent the onset for as long as you can. The Rambo Flybuster has a soft but strong mesh outer that moves with the horse during rolling and galloping before returning to its shape and is treated with Permethrin for superior fly protection. Watch those flies hover around your horse before buzzing off somewhere else! The Amigo Bug Buster is also treated with Permethrin and is made from knitted polyester.

The Rambo Protector is made from the same soft but strong mesh as the Flybuster but without the treatment for those who are not in need of such protection. This mesh is made from two types of yarn which allowing the free movement. It is UV reflective to protect your horse’s skin against the sun. Shoulder liner, leg arches and a 3rd surcingle. Removable neck cover with mane liner included.

The Amigo Bug Rug is made like the Bug Buster but without the Permethrin treatment and includes a removable neck cover also. The silver colour helps to reflect the sun’s rays and assist in keeping your horse cool.

The Amigo Mio Fly Rug is our basic fly rug with integrated neck cover and made from soft polyester with reflective capabilities, it is ideal for those not badly affected by flies or midges that just need light Fly and UV protection.

*An added bonus to the Horseware Fly Rug range is the presence of liner loops on all fly rugs except the Mio. These liner loops are so you can attach our Horseware Fly Rug Waterproof Liner. It has waterproof and breathable polyester outer that reflects the sunlight with an absorbent layer in the middle to help transfer moisture away from the horse. It is kept at a shallow dept to increase air circulation around the horse while the super smooth lining polishes the coat and helps prevent rubbing.

Other accessories available with this range include the Rambo Flymask Plus Vamoose, a Permethrin treated mask with superior design and protection, Amigo Fly Mask, Amigo Mio Flymask, Rambo Flyboots Vamoose, Rambo Flyrider and Amigo Flyrider.

Horseware Vamoose RangePlease use the Horseware Rug Size Chart below as a guide to buying the correct size of rug for your horse. If in doubt, try the rug on over a clean sheet before using. As a guide, if you have a size you are happy with on your horse in a turnout rug, you may take a size down for a stable rug as they don’t need as much room and freedom.

Measurement along bottom
of Rug Back Seam Measurement To Fit Horse
114 45 3’9 75 10.2 107
122 48 4’0 80 11.0 114
130 51 4’3 85 11.2 117
137 54 4’6 90 11.2 – 12.0 117 – 122
145 57 4’9 95 12.0 – 12.2 122 – 127
152 60 5’0 100 12.2 – 13.2 127 – 137
160 63 5’3 110 13.2 – 14.0 137 – 142
168 66 5’6 115 14.0 – 14.2 142 – 147
175 69 5’9 125 14.2 – 15.2 147 – 157
183 72 6’0 130 15.2 – 16.0 157 – 162
191 75 6’3 140 16.0 – 16.2 162 – 167
198 78 6’6 145 16.2 – 17.0 167 – 173
206 81 6’9 155 17.0 – 17.2 173 – 178
213 84 7’0 160 17.2 – 18.0 178 – 183
221 87 7’3 165 18.0 183
229 90 7’6 170 18.1-18.2 184-189